I'm Diana, "The Hair Doctor". I've been in the business for over 25 years and I'm proud to say, I still have some of the same clients I've had for all these years! I love my clientele.

I finished beauty school in 1981, but didn't stop learning there! Here are just some of the classes I have attended throughout the years:

1985 - 1994 Became manager of a salon 2 years after graduation, attending product and hair cutting classes throughout.
Advanced seminar with Trevor Sorber in 1985
Attended every Armstrong McCall yearly event in Texas from 1985-1994
1995 Beth and Carmen Minardy Color Class
1996 Roy Peters Color My World in 1996 Redken Specialty Classes 1996-1997
1997 Became Redken Specialist and Performing Artist
Roy Peters Color My World class
Beth and Carmen Minardy Advanced Color Class
2000 Alteri Power Cut hands on workshop
Alteri Advanced Cutting Academy
RDA Fiesta 3000
2003 Rusk: Advanced Hair Cutting
ISO Neo Texture Wave class
Advanced Power Cutting
Board Certified Colorist Summit (Los Angeles)
Parker Advanced Ponytail Cutting Class
Parker Color Class at The Hair Doctor Salon
2004 The Parker Beauty Show
Lanza Healing Haircare with Osca Bond
Armstrong McCall Show, August
Parker Alfapar Class, November
2005 Armstrong McCall Unforgettable
Princess Sahag Advanced Cutting Class
2006 Armstrong McCall Show
RDA 2006 Hair, Skin and Nails
2007 Armstrong McCall World's Fair
2008 Elite Sanitation Class
2009 Armstrong McCall Worlds Fair of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences
Modern Salon Learning
2011 August - Armstrong McCall Show San Antonio, TX
October - Sanitation Class
2012 June - Aquqage Class, hands on
August - Worlds Fair of Hair, Austin, TX

My promise to my clients is: "I'll never stop learning!" I've got experience from feathers to texture - razor cuts, scissor cuts - perms - straightening - highlights, lowlights, panels, and foiling. In my 25+ years of "doing hair", I haven't seen many hair disasters that I couldn't fix. Before you despair, come see me!

I am an independent stylist who believes in giving my clients great service at affordable prices.